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Canine Warm Water Exercise

Canine Warm Water Exercise is an alternative to weight-bearing exercises. Using the buoyancy of the water, Warm Water Exercise utilizes a low gravity environment to aid in the healing process for many different mobility impairments. Canine Warm Water Exercise is effective for increasing the rate of recovery after surgery and has also been shown to be highly beneficial before surgery in some cases. Dogs begin to lose muscle mass within just a few days of being immobilized.

Why Warm Water Exercise?

Warm Water helps relax the muscles, helps with pain and spasms, feels great on achy joints and also promotes circulation which in return promotes healing, delivering nutrients and oxygen to the body.

The buyounce of the water helps the dogs use muscle they don’t use on land. It helps support and lessens stress on the joints and the dog uses more range of motion in the water. Also, water increases resistance up to 20X, so a 10-foot swim is like a 200 -foot walk on land, except without the weight bearing and potential harm to the joints of the body.

The biggest benefit of a warm pool over a lake is that you can keep a dog in the pool for the entire session, allowing the body to let go more, reduce muscle guarding and increase circulation.

The bonus! Any type of body work in warm water feels great!

How Warm Water Exercise Helps Your Pet

Warm Water Exercise has also been known to slow the progression of degenerative conditions such as arthritic conditions, hip or elbow dysplasia, chronic pain or geriatrics. Normal weight-bearing exercise can add pressure on joints, which may aggravate some conditions, so Warm Water Exercise can be used to allow your pet to exercise in an environment where there is no pressure on the affected areas.

Spinal injuries or surgeries can cause impairment of motor function or paralysis, so water exercise may be an alternative solution. While nerve regeneration is taking place, it provides support and allows the dog to continue to exercise its muscles.

Obese dogs can get fit and lose weight as a result of the exercise in the water without putting extra weight on their joints. Warm Water Exercise may be used as part of a general fitness routine for dogs, especially working K9s and sporting dogs.

What to expect in your first session:

The first session is all about having your pup feel emotionally secure and safe. Though every session is different, usually after our initial greeting and bonding period, Jennifer gently and slowly acclimates your dog to the first step, then into the rest of the pool or spa. She will spend time sitting on the stairs with your pet to loosen the muscles through different forms of bodywork in the 92° warm water. Each session of Warm Water Exercise will usually be a combination of warm water bodywork and swimming exercise. It will all depend on your furry friend’s condition and your goals.

About our spa:

We go the extra mile for the ultimate holistic experience. The water in the spa is kept at a comfortable and therapeutic temperature of 92° degrees.  The filtration system uses ultraviolet light to disinfect the water, so there will be no harsh chemical, smells or effects on skin and coat.

At Swim Doggy Swim we consider it a privilege to care for some of the finest canine companions around. Your dog’s comfort and well-being are the foundation of every session.

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