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Warm Water Exercise for your Dog

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Swim Doggie Swim Pricing & Packages


Sessions book for an hour or 30 minutes – of which we get to enjoy approximately 50 minutes or 25 minutes in the warm pool. Arrive early and get a cup of tea, work on the puzzle and relax. Afterwards you have up to 20 minutes to enjoy our drying room as needed.

A Single Session For Your Pup


(Using Credit card = $113)

Includes warm water soaking and relaxation techniques, assisted swimming with the resistance of water on the body, bodywork and stretches in the non-gravity relaxed state of the pool.





and if it works for 2 dogs in your family to share the same hour, we can do this for an added $20/session

(No refunds on packages)

The SURF Package:

4 sessions for $380
(Regular $400.00)

Must be used within 4 weeks
Using credit card = $391

The TSUNAMI Package:

8 sessions for $720
(Regular $800.00)

Must be used within 4 weeks
Using credit card = $740

The Puppy Package

4 sessions for $220.00

For puppies up to 9 months old – Must be used within 4 weeks
Using credit card = $226

30-minute swim sessions which includes introduction to a life jacket and the correct way to swim all while having someone right by their side!

The Speedy Swim Session

($72 if using credit card)

This session books for 30 minutes, of which approximately 20 minutes are spent in the warm water. This session has less bodywork for the dog, so they get to swim more and still take
breaks. Great for non-injured dogs, preventive care, a quick exercise or play time in the water.



Some of our “clients”.  Click on image for larger view.

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